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Security & Crypto Links

  • Hacking & Cracking
    HNN - H a c k e r N e w s N e t w o r k
    Root Prompt -- Nothing but Unix
    Fyodor's Exploit world
    ATTRITION Mirrored Sites
    Security and Hackerscene
    Archives of BUGTRAQ
    CUD digest
    Phrack - P48-14 | P48-13
    RTM Worm Report
    phf prober
    syn flood protection
    Reto Haeni
    EMV Spoofing Page
    Packet Project
    The Ping o' Death
    chk's Security links

  • Security Software
    Top Open-Source Security Tools For UNIX
    Wietse's Tools
    Deception ToolKit
    CIAC Security Tools
    Dave Dittrich
    Halted Firewalls

  • Security
    COAST Homepage (lots of stuff)
    Networking References - Security
    S.A.F.E.R. - Security Alert For Enterprise Resources
    International Computer Security Association
    Designing secure software - SunWorld - April 1998
    Cipher - Newsletter of the IEEE CS TC on Security and Privacy
    Internet Security Review
    CIAC Security
    The Computer Security Institute
    Computer Security Information
    RISKS-LIST: Digest
    UofT Security sweeps
    Silicon Graphics Security Headquarters
    Security Reference Index
    JavaScript Problems

  • News
    Internet Security Review
    Mitnick articles
    TECHNOLOGY: How Secure Is Your Computer? Page 34 A master hacker is arrested, but the Internet is still full of holes
    The Hacker: The end of the line for Kevin Mitnick. Page 45
    Hackers Strike at N.Y. Internet Access Company
    To catch a hacker
    BELLCORE: Media Advisory
    Operation Cybersnare
    City of London surrenders to cyber gangs
    Urgent Security Announcement
    UI hacker invades private e-mail

  • Miscellaneous
    Community ConneXion
    Internet Security Auditing Class Handouts

  • Cryptography
    MIT distribution site for PGP
    Top Level page for at [97111120]
    Public Key Server Commands
    PGP: Why should I sign my own public key?
    Fortify for Netscape - Home Page
    International Cryptography
    ITAR Civil Disobedience
    Anonymity and privacy on the Internet
    Stego Online by Romana Machado
  • Firewall links

  • Vendors
    Secure Computing Corporation | SmartFilter | BorderWare | SecureZone
    iPass - True Global Internet Roaming
    CheckPoint FireWall-1 - Application Support
    Raptor Products
    Trusted Information Systems
    V-ONE Corporation - Publications
    CYCON Labyrinth
    IBM Firewall
    BorderGuard Products
    Milkyway - Blackhole products

  • Resellers, Consultants, etc.
    SandCastle Ltd. - reviews | search | papers
    Secure Network Systems - products
    Ingress Consulting
    Great Circle Associates
    Sea Change Corporation

  • Toolkits
    Java Filter for TIS fwtk
    RealAudio and Firewalls
    TIS fwtk modifications
    Building a Firewalled Internet Presence on the Cheap

  • Stocks
    Yahoo! SCUR
    Yahoo! CHKPF
    Secure moves on with firewalls

  • Miscellaneous
    En Garde Systems, Inc. - SecureZone
    Commercial Firewalls and Related FW Products
    Firewall Wizards Archive
    Fuzzy search the firewalls mailing list
    COAST Hotlist - Internet Firewalls
    Can Firewalls Take the Heat? - Don't get Burned
    iWORLD: Server Watch
    The Rotherwick Firewall Resource
    Find The Right Firewall
    Secure Computing Type Enforcement Bibliography
    TIS DTE Papers

    This page by Steve Kotsopoulos
    Last update: Feb 10, 2002